Are you looking for information about the Novolin 70 30 pen? Read this article for detailed information on this medical topic.

Are you looking for information about Novolin 70 30 Pen? Read this article for detailed information on this medical topic.

Novolin 70 30 Pen is a revolutionary insulin delivery system that has transformed diabetes treatment. Designed for people with diabetes who require basal and prandial insulin, this pen offers a convenient and effective solution. Novolin 70 30 Pen contains a fixed combination of 70% NPH, an intermediate-acting insulin, and 30% regular insulin, a short-acting insulin. This unique combination ensures optimal glycemic control throughout the day, providing patients with the flexibility they need to maintain their blood sugar levels.

Important information:

  • Novolin 70 30 Pen is only prescribed to people diagnosed with diabetes.
  • The pen should be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature between 2°C and 8°C (36°F and 46°F).
  • Do not freeze the pen or store it near direct heat or sunlight.
  • Before using Novolin 70 30 Pen, read your doctor’s instructions carefully.

This innovative pen simplifies the insulin administration process, making it more accessible to patients. With a user-friendly design and simple instructions, Novolin 70 30 Pen ensures accurate dosing and reduces the risk of medication errors. The pen features an adjustable dose selector, allowing patients to precisely measure the required insulin dose based on their specific needs.

Benefits Use Storage
Easily adjustable dose selector Injections twice a day Refrigerate at 36°F-46°F (2°C-8°C)
Improves glycemic control Subcutaneous administration Do not freeze
Comfortable and portable Read the instructions for use Avoid direct heat and sunlight

Novolin 70 30 Pen offers a reliable and effective solution for insulin treatment, providing patients with the tools necessary to manage their diabetes with ease and confidence. Consult your healthcare professional to determine if Novolin 70 30 Pen is the right choice for you.

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Dr.Greenblatt M.
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